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Welcome To La Casa Surya
Freediving & Yoga Tulum & El Cuyo

What we offer

We are offering Freediving courses, freediving training, and Yoga & Aerial Yoga classes.

  • We are a Molchanovs Freediving center in Tulum and in El Cuyo. Molchanovs is a Freediving education system developed by athletes freedivers for freedivers, providing high education and training standards.
  • We provide a comfortable classroom, a bright yoga studio, with all freediving equipment provided for your courses.
  • We aim at keeping our groups small (3 max) to offer a maximum attention and enjoyment.
  • We can organize private courses or private day trip adventures on demand and adapt it to your schedule.
  • We use yoga as a form of medicine for the mind, body and spirit.
  • Yoga Medicine provides yoga students and freedivers with a holistic approach that you can apply in your daily practice, to improve your quality of life and as well improve your freediving skills with applied therapeutic yoga practices.
  • Variety of classes: Yin, Pranamaya, Myofascial release, Hatha/Vinyasa.
  • We provide high-quality yoga mat, straps and block free of charge.


Tulum is known for its ancient Mayan ruins, beautiful beaches with an active vibe, while El Cuyo is a more laid-back fishing village known for its serene beaches, kiteboarding, and wildlife watching. Tulum tends to be more developed and touristy, while El Cuyo offers a quieter and more off-the-beaten-path experience.


Ideally located in the downtown of Tulum, La Casa Surya is offering easy access to the Cenotes and the Caribbean Sea. Our center is located only a 15 min drive to our main training Cenotes: Angelita, El Pit and Kaan Luum.


Located at 3 min walking distance from the beach, our center Freediving El Cuyo will bring you to incredible places, with a small group, we will explore magical cenotes that few people ever get a chance to go to.

Tulum or El Cuyo Cenotes are offering amazing conditions to enjoy freediving in Mexico.

Not sure which place to choose? contact us to get more information and we will be happy to guide you

Spacious classroom with the latest training tools

WIFI available

A swimming pool ideal for static practice

A spacious Yoga studio (with all props provided: mats, blocks, yoga wheel & Straps)

High-quality freediving equipment (Wetsuit, mask, fins, weight, lanyard provided to each training)

A modern pick up truck for a comfortable ride to the most remote locations.

Expand your knowledge, Elevate your practice, Enrich your life!

Junior Program


Wave 1 - Beginner

Wave 2 - Intermediate