Help Mexi Dogs


Tulum and El Cuyo have no shelters at this time to help homeless animals.

We are supporting local association that operate solely on donations and volunteer actions, along with veterinary assistance. There is huge dog overpopulation, which is even more problematic due to the lack of education and financial means of the Mayan community that dominates the area. Our main goal is to help sterilize the majority of dogs, however this is a long-term process and we struggle with little resources available to do so. Therefore, the day-to-day focus is to identify female street dogs who live in conditions that range from abusive to negligent, as well as the countless street dogs trying to survive. They face starvation, injury and illness every day.


El Cuyo is a natural reserve and part of Rio Lagartos Biosphere. The Caribbean pink flamingo, an emblematic bird of the Yucatan Peninsula, reproduces and nests within the reserve. There are important resting and food sites for thousands of species of migratory birds and a fundamental biological corridor for the jaguar and other species of mammals. In recent years the mortality rate due to feral, stray dogs and cats has been increasing, causing ecological ecocides for the native fauna found within the Ría Lagartos biosphere reserve.


Our objective is to look for solutions that help these animals to have a dignified life.:
– Reducing the street dog and cat population can be done only through sterilization – It would facilitate the adoption of dogs and cats within the community, it would reduce their reproduction, avoiding fewer ecocides.
– Providing vaccination will prevent the spread of disease and further suffering.


Please consider making a donation or even better, fostering or adopting one of our dogs who have made the first step from despair to living a life full of love and care.

Flight Angel

We are always looking for flight angel (Flight escort) to bring some of our mexipups living a new life.

Everything is taking care of, stress free, we just need a kind soul and a flight ticket!

Our favorite flights:

  • For US – Alaska airlines to Seattle / Portland / Chicago / JFK
  • For Canada – Westjet, Air Canada, Air Transat to Vancouver or Toronto